Turning digital geology into art




 19 – 31 August 2019

Testing Grounds

1 City Road, Southbank VIC


You can find me on site at the following times:

Wednesday 21 August 11am-6pm
Friday 23 August 11am-6pm
Saturday 24 August 11am – 6pm
Wednesday 28 August 6pm-8pm
Friday 30 August 11am-6pm
Saturday 31 August 11am-6pm


This month I am Artist in Residence for the exhibition, ‘Turning digital geology into art’. Work developed during the residency will respond to 3.5 million years of geologic data unearthed by global engineering and consulting firm, Golder.

“Golder has been engaged by Development Victoria to undertake geotechnical investigations and assess the Testing Grounds site for future development.”

“Golder’s experts have adopted the latest digital engineering tools to develop 3D models to present the geology of the site – and then turned them into art to showcase how the fascinating geology of Melbourne’s arts precinct evolved over the last 3.5 million years.   

The main model has been 3D-printed to be featured in the exhibition along with geological core samples, multimedia and other pieces providing geological information about the site.

As part of the exhibition, Golder has commissioned local artist and fashion designer Tarryn Handcock to create an installation in the space, and throughout the site, demonstrating how geological data can be interpreted and applied to other fields of knowledge.”

“With a fashion practice that explores dress at an urban scale, she will be populating the site with soft rocks, faux minerals, precious dust, and plastiglomerate propositions for the new geological age”

“Landscape architect Luella Exton is also responding to the data with collage and two-dimensional works.”

Source: Testing Grounds Upcoming Calendar



Turning Digital Geology into Art

Topos III

Artificial Geology


Testing Grounds website


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