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Tarryn Handcock is a cross-disciplinary designer, artist and academic. She lectures at RMIT University in the School of Fashion and Textiles where she specialises in fashion spaces and places (where), and the phenomenology of body, skin and dress (wear).

Handcock’s current work investigates dress at an urban scale. She is particularly interested in walking practices and how fashion is produced through urban space and place. More broadly, her research explores material knowledges and sites for design innovation. Her creative practice integrates community engagement; methods for slow observation, care and relationship-building between the human and more-than-human; casting and moulding techniques; and exploring human forms, surfaces and actions as ‘body-sites’ for conceptualising, designing and engaging with artefacts of dress

Handcock holds a practice based PhD in fashion and textiles from RMIT University, and a Bachelor of Design (Honours with the University Medal) majoring in object and jewellery design from the College of Fine Art, UNSW. Her work has been presented and exhibited at conferences, panels, and workshops locally and internationally; recent publications focus on human research ethics in creative practice.