Brow Wow Wow

Tarryn Handcock, sculptural eyebrows for BROW WOW WOW

Tarryn Handcock, gold leaf eyebrow kit for BROW WOW WOW




This project represents a skin-based approach to dressing and designing dress. The practice of dressing focuses on small body-sites as a context for designing and wearing temporal artefacts of dress, and on embodied processes that invite the designer, wearer, and viewers to engage with and share their experiences of body and dress.

The ephemeral dress, created in response to qualities and potentials of living skin, is typical of the Material Application Projects (MAPs).



In 2011 Adele Varcoe and Ricarda Bigolin invited 24 Melbourne designers to create eyebrows for BROW WOW WOW, a participatory fashion event, as a part of their Fashion People collaboration. The brows were shipped to London to be shown at the London College of Fashion, London Fashion Colloquia.

‘In selecting a body feature – such as eyebrows – where clothing is not expected, we wanted to reflect the way fashion and beauty styles can appropriate or adopt body parts as ‘it’ accessories, as seen in fashion and style media… The design challenge lay in how to adhere or create a wearable pair of eyebrows, particularly with a “wow factor” quality’ (Bigolin 2015, pp. 104-105).

Reference: Bigolin, R 2015, ‘fashion People: participating and producing fashion’, in Fashion design for living, Gwilt, A (ed),  London and New York: Routledge, pp. 97-113.