Research + Creative Projects

Skin, bodies, dress, materiality

Ethics, time, place, site



A Light Touch

Embodied making in response to materiality and the body, to imagine new forms and modes of dress.



Lived Skin Studies

Methodologies for mapping shifting qualities, terrains, and manifestations of a changing human skin.



Dust Projects

An ongoing speculative project exploring the ethics, extensity, and temporality of human bodies, dress and data through design thinking and making.

tarrynhandcock dust pack 2


Topos / Prosthetics

Projects exploring the body in fragments, static bodies, and what arises in an overlaid topography and topology of body, place and site. Prosthetic pieces proposing alternative relationships between the human, geological, and material.

Tarryn Handcock Collected Fragments


The Anatomy Museum

Relationships between embodied experiences and human anatomy and pathology examined through a phenomenological framework. Observational methods are used to create textual artefacts and build a greater understanding of different ways bodies are known and perceived.



Material Application Projects

Ephemeral dress and temporal wearable artefacts, created in response to qualities and potentials of living skin.