A Light Touch, Film Series



Videos produced for the exhibition, ‘A Light Touch,’ as a part of the 2016 VAMFF Cultural Program, Melbourne, Australia.

Design, Creative Direction – Tarryn Handcock

Videographer – G O O D J O H N

Model – Hana Schlesinger


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Project Overview

Presented as a part of the 2016 VAMFF Cultural Program in Melbourne, Australia, this interactive exhibition investigates how, in a design sense, interactions between materials and bodies can be a method to create or conceptualise modes of dress. The exhibition included two new video works exploring these ideas using Laura Marks’ theoretical framework of haptic visuality to communicate material and tactile experiences of dressing the body’s surface.

Participants were invited to playfully engage with materials and objects in the space. This evolved how both the exhibition space and the bodies represented and replicated within it were dressed. Designing in this way acknowledges that experiences of fashion are sensory and imaginative, and can be a collaborative creative process.