The Dust Project






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 The Dust Project: archive boxes, instruction booklets and Petri dishes


 The Dust Project: selection of archive boxes and dust samples


The Dust Project photo series




Selection from The Dust Project photo series



Slow Fashion Studio, Exhibition


Selection of The Dust Project exhibited at Slow Fashion Studio.

Photos Marc Morel, Jenny Underwood, Tarryn Handcock.


Slow Fashion Studio: alternative approaches to fashion, showcased work from selected creative researchers and practitioners at RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, from 21 July – 9 September 2017. It was a part of the international exhibition, Fast Fashion, curated by Dr. Claudia Banz, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg in collaboration with DBU Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt and the Goethe-Institut.

Presented in this context, dust becomes a lens that offers insight into broader conditions such as the cultural and ethical implications of wear/ing fashion. By questioning the pace and duration of garments and the bodies that wear them, here dust cultivates discourse around ethics in fashion, bringing to light material and conceptual relationships between people, dress, and sites of their production and storage.


Project Overview

The Dust Project asked 100 people to participate in a practice based investigation collecting 200 dust samples, a ‘culture’ that combines particulates from living human bodies, garments, and the spaces they inhabit.

This ongoing speculative project is a launching point for thinking about three key themes in the context of design: the duration of human bodies and dress, how dress can wear and be worn in relation to a changing body, and the ethics of bodies and dust.