Artificial Gold, September 2019, basalt, latex and gold pigment.
Artificial Gold, January 2020, basalt, weather, latex and gold pigment.
Gold Log, June 2019, detail – wood, latex and gold pigment.
Gold Log, September 2019, wood, weather, latex and gold pigment.

Gold(er) is a series of site-specific and site-responsive pieces created using materials at Testing Grounds, Melbourne during a public art residency and the exhibition, Turning Digital Geology into Art. The installations are part of an ongoing series exploring dress at a civic scale.

These works explore how embellishment can draw attention to material mobility. Otherwise overlooked materials and their movement around sites is celebrated through gold adornment, highlighting how the re-arrangement of matter plays a critical role in dressing urban spaces. Yet all that glitters is not gold: the adornment is ephemeral, showing the impact of weather and manual handling of materials in the site as the latex and pigment peel, crack and wear away.