New Publication: The Meeting of Aesthetics and Ethics in the Academy



I am pleased to announce that my writing is featured in the newly released book, The Meeting of Aesthetics and Ethics in the Academy: Challenges for Creative Practice Researchers in Higher Education.

My chapter, ‘Touch and trace: Ethical methodologies for a phenomenological skin’, which addresses how Australian ethical guidelines can be applied in practice to living skin and abject human biomatter (skin dust). It also raises questions about how human data can be treated ethically through research practices.

According to the publisher: ‘The Meeting of Aesthetics and Ethics in the Academy provides a deep understanding of the nuances of ethics in the creative environment and contributes to the critical exploration of the nature of research ethics in higher education.

Written by world-renown academics with a wealth of experience in this field, this volume explores ethical challenges and responses across a range of creative practices and disciplines including design, documentary film making, journalism, socially engaged arts and the visual arts. It addresses the complex negotiations that creative practice researchers in higher education undertake to ensure that the ethical compliance required does not undermine the research integrity and artistic aspirations. By presenting carefully considered challenges to accepted models of research, this book illustrates critical analysis through a variety of case studies and anecdotal examples that provide an insight into improved ethics practices and policies in higher education.

This book is perfect for academics, ethics administrators, higher degree research candidates and supervisors looking to engage further in creative practice research and wanting to explore and understand its ethical oversight.’



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