Artificial Geology


Artificial Geology: Artificial Geode, 2019.


Artificial Geology: Artificial Charcoal, 2019.


Artificial Geology: Basalt series, 2019.


Artificial Geology: Artificial Core Sample surface, 2019.


Artificial Geology is a series of works developed and shown at the exhibition, Turning Digital Geology into Art, hosted by Testing Grounds in collaboration with Golder.

The exhibition utilises geological data and samples from geotechnical investigations undertaken at the Testing Grounds site by Golder. As artist in residence I was commissioned to create work in response to the data, which shows the evolution of the site’s geology over the last 3.5 million years.
Artificial Geology explores the provenance and ‘authenticity’ of geological materials in rapidly changing urban landscapes, and what constitutes practices of dress in the context of urban development.
More information can be found via Golder and Testing Grounds
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